Rita Zniber Foundation & General Overview

Websites for the Rita Zniber Fondation:

www.fondationritazniber.org/en www.silkearndt.de/FondationRitaZniber

• Hague status:

Morocco, like most Muslim countries, does not have adoption rules and are therefore a non-Hague country. Therefore you will obtain kafala in Morocco and then return to the UK to adopt your child.

• Ages of the children:

There are lots of children aged over 3 or 4 months and upwards who are available for inter-country adoption. These children have been well cared for within the orphanage. They received good, healthy food and are always kept clean with hygienic surroundings and access to medical care and education. They do however lack the staff to be able to give one on one attention to babies play and development.

• Matching to more than one child:

Morocco will allow you to adopt two children at the same time. This includes non-siblings. But this must firstly be approved by your agency and panel in the UK. Not all couples will get this approval.

• Waiting for a match :

Matching takes approx. 1 to 2 months but can be much longer if you prefer to adopt a baby girl. The person you will send your application to is Ouafae and she will oversee the matching process. Ouafae will email you with the baby’s details once a match is made and you are invited to come to Meknes and meet your baby.

• Adopters must be Sunni Muslim:

They must either be a married couple or a single female.

• The Zniber fondation is located in both the Hamrya and Bab Jdid areas within Meknes:

The Annex and Ouafae’s office are based at Bab Jdid in Meknes. The Annex houses school-aged and university-aged young adults. Le Nid (translates to the Nursery), is based in Hamrya in Meknes. The babies and toddlers stay here. It is based on the top floor of the Mohammed V hospital. Hamrya is a good location to live for adoptive families as the court, passport office, police and imam is also in the same area.