Obtain criminal clearance at the Ministry of Justice in Rabat


This needs to be done before the kafala process starts.

It made sense for us to fly into Rabat to complete this part of the process; then go to Meknes, where we met our son for the first time and started the kafala a few days later. This would be done another time (just before kafala starts), if you are meeting your baby but returning a later date to start the Kafala process

We were advised to take our original passport and birth certificate, with photocopies, to the Justice Ministry in Rabat. At the main entrance the guards will direct you to the correct entrance. This will be on the right hand corner of the building where a ramp leads to that entrance.

Arrive early to queue at 8:30am. The doors open at 9am. Ask for a central criminal record: "Casier judiciaire central"

entrance Although we were advised to bring our birth certificates with a copy, they didn't ask for it.

Ask them to do the check on the day. Sometimes they agree readily, and sometimes you have to be very insistent. They told us to return at midday to collect it. Before collecting it, go to any kiosk in the area and get two 10dhs token stamps to take with you.

Go back for the collection on time.

When you get the paperwork CHECK IT’S CORRECT!!!....mine had an incorrect surname and country of birth. They almost gave us someone else's form too. Corrections were made immediately (with tippex and pen). You can now travel to Meknes.

How do I get there?

Click here for Google maps: Ministère de la justice.

It's a short walk from Rabatville train station (please note there are two train stations in Rabat).

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