Meet your baby and confirm acceptance of the match


You will need to go see the baby at Le Nid (translates to ‘The Nursery’), which is located on the top floor of the “Hopital Mohammed V” (translated to Mohammed 5 hospital). This is based in Hamrya….sometimes spelt Hamria in Meknes. It’s ten to fifteen minute drive from The Annex where Ouafae is based.

Adoptive parents are allowed daily access to their babies between 1 pm and 6 pm although for that first meeting they may be flexible. Ouafae will let the lady in charge (Fatima Zahra or Faiza) know that you are coming.


1. Often when you get to the hospital main gates, you will find them closed and visitors being turned away. Go to the security guard and say ‘Le Nid’, they will let you in. Do this also if you are questioned at the front door.

2. The hospital lifts often don’t work. They do need to be operated from the inside and cannot be called on the outside. So if the lift operator takes a break, the lift doesn’t come. If the lifts are running, you need to bang on the door to call the lift. We have in the past noticed the lift stuck on the floor below or above, so walked there and then took the lift up, sending it back down from whoever needs it next. Or you can be healthy and walk up the stairs. With any luck they may be fixed by now.

When you arrive, you will be shown to the room where you are able to spend time with your baby. They will bring a book to you to sign in. This needs to be done each time you see your baby. Your baby is then brought out to you. You don’t need to take anything with you. There are toys available in the room for baby to play with and they will do a nappy change when needed. For feeds, the staff will bring in a bottle for you to feed baby. Other adoptive families will share this room with you.

How do I get there?

Click here for Google maps: Le Nid (the Nursery at Mohammed V Hospital)

This is in Hamrya and is a ten minute walk from the small train station in Meknes (Gare Al Amir Abdel Kadir).

Tell the taxi to take you to Mohammed V Hopital. Or show the taxi driver this Arabic post it note:


Below are some of the pictures I took when visiting Mohammed V Hopital, they include the entrance of the building, the lifts, and the waiting room where families spend time with their child during the Kafala process

entrance entrance entrance entrance entrance
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