Making contact with the Rita Zniber Fondation for matching and sending supporting documentation to the Fondation


TThe Orphanage website is: Or you can view their other site

Your contact there is Ouafae Amhaouche. (name pronounced as Wafaa)

To prepare for the Moroccan process you will need to include the documents listed on the above named website. The medicals and police check (DBS) will be included in your home study. The remaining documents can be posted directly to Ouafae or taken with you.

Please note: The UK marriage certificate cannot be notarised as it has a copyright attached but a copy can be requested online. This copy won’t need notarising. The Nikkah can be notarised or take an original.

If you are a revert, you will need to include your conversion certificate. Either notarise this or take the original. Your birth certificate will also need to be notarised. No further document needs to be notarised. There is no need for the home study to be notarised and legalised either.

The court wants the DBS to be as recent as possible.

They may also request a one page letter from your GP instead of the full medicals that form part of your home study. Alternatively you may be asked to attend a medical in Morocco. Usually if your one page letter from your doctor is done within three months of kafala starting, you can avoid the need of going for the medical in Morocco.

How do I get there?

Click here for Google maps: Rita Zniber Fondation, The Annex, Meknes

Tell the taxi to take you to “Bab Jdid”. He might even know the Zniber Fondation. He will drop you off nearby. There is a triangular park area in the map below. You will be dropped off on the right hand corner of this. Walk to your left towards the Bab Jdid sign (on the map). The Annex is the next building (to the left) with the pink roof. If you need to notarise any documents, go to Hotel De Ville (click for Google Maps)

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