A Guide To Cost (Prices checked Feb 2016)

This is a rough estimate of what it might cost you to adopt a baby from Morocco to the UK. Your cost might vary depending on your individual circumstances. This is however my breakdown of costs. Where the amount was paid in MAD (Moroccan Dirhams), I have stated this and used the exchange rate below:

1£ = 14MAD (Moroccan Dirham) in Feb 2016

We estimate an average cost of £15,000 is required for the adoption process.

Please see comments below to further explain costs.

Item £ cost
Homestudy (check with your agency. This varies between £4,000 to £9,000) +- £6,000.00
DfE (this is means tested so it could be lower) £1,775.00
Notarising (approx £50 per page) £200.00
Translating in Morocco (1,700MAD) £121.43
Payment To Zniber Fondation (1,300 euros or 14,000MAD) £1,000.00
Medicals in Morocco (400MAD) £28.57
Apartment rental in Morocco (based on 8,000MAD per month) six weeks rental £857.14
Total UK Visa Application for baby and TB certificate £2,117.57
Taxi Spend (most places in Hamrya is in walking distance) £21.43
Groceries and phone spend (based on an approx. cost of cooking in apartment and eating out when needed) £571.43
Flights (and travel to Rabat). £464.29
Total Spend £13,156.86

Translating in Morocco: Charges are approx. 200MAD per page, containing 240 words. Some of your home study and some supporting documents will need to be translated. Also the court documents will need to be translated to English for your visa. The whole home study will not need to be translated, so please check what’s required to save costs. Expect a total cost of around 1,700MAD for translating.

Payment to Zniber Foundation for court services: 1,300 euros approx. The price is generally quoted in euro but can be paid in MAD. The price can vary dependant on the exchange rate.

The UK Visa Application is made up of the following costs

• Visa Application costs: £980
• IHS charge for UK visa application: £660
• Fast track service for UK visa application: £360
• Premium Lounge at UK Visa office: £89
• TB Certificate for UK visa application: 400MAD

Groceries are not that expensive in Morocco depending on where you shop. The cheaper the housing area, the cheaper the groceries are. Cost of eating out can vary. The cost of hiring a cleaner/cook daily is 100MAD per day hired.

Petite taxis are the cheapest way to travel but they will only allow three passengers at time. Whilst I was there with my kids and parents, we found it cheaper to take two Petite taxis rather than one Grand taxi for short journeys. If you are travelling to a different city, you will need a grand taxi, as Petite taxis will not travel city to city. A grand taxi from Meknes to Rabat is approximately 800MAD each way. I never spent over 15MAD for trips within Meknes using the Petit taxi.

Flights: At the time of writing this, we found that the most cost effective way to travel to Morocco was through Rynair leaving from Stansted Airport. During my journey, I found flights under £50, whereas other airlines were much higher.