Frequently Asked Questions

1) Who can adopt from Morocco?
Practising Sunni Muslim couples or single women are allowed to undertake kafala.

2) What is Kafala?
Kafala is the legal term for guardianship of an orphaned child in Morocco.

3) What are the ages of the children available for inter-country adoption?
There are lots of children that require loving families, aged from four months and up. The majority of children placed are boys. The waiting times to be matched with a girl are therefore a lot longer.

4) Where can I live?
Morocco is generally safe to live in. Hamrya is a good location to stay during the process. It is near the courts, Le Nid, the passport office, police and Imam. Only the Annex is a ten minute taxi ride away – Ouafae is based at the Annex. Hotels here range in prices. Our families have used:

Ibis hotel is clean and well-priced with good facilities, but has very small rooms. They do a lovely breakfast and located next to the only Pizza Hut and MacDonald’s. Hotel Tafilalet & Spa is very spacious, expect to pay more. Hotel Belle Vue: newly refurbished in 2015, good prices, nice rooms, but breakfast isn’t great The Transatlantic is not in Hamrya but is well known with tourists Swani Hotel is also not in Hamrya but has been enjoyed by our families. There are also lots of Riads in Meknes which have more of a cosy homely feel with the room facilities of a hotel. See Trip Advisor for a list and reviews. Fully furnished apartments are also available. Speak to your facilitator about viewing apartments.

Click Here for a website used by locals to find apartments:

If you are using a rental agent to find the apartment, there is an extra cost of approx. 1,500MAD.

5) What are good places to eat or drink?
Below is a list of some food places that we liked or that helped remind us of home. There are both a MacDonald’s and Pizza Hut right outside the Ibis Hotel. La Grillardiere: grilled food including steak Aladdins Palace: Coffee shop and soft play area Transatlantic Hotel: Coffee shop Try out the Moroccan cookies in the local bakeries. Delicious!

6) Where can I go shopping?
Hamrya is known as the new Medina as it is the new city centre. The old medina is still very popular with the locals. Ask your taxi to take you to El Hedim. He will drop you off at a large square, the medina extends inwards through the openings and is fairly large with stores grouped together for pottery, clothing, baby shops, butchers and fish mongers, spice merchants, leather stores etc. It’s a bustling area and is more alive when it’s not too hot. There are places to eat or grab a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

Although there are lots of corner stores for daily food items, you can also try one of the larger superstores like Marjane (located near the Mohammed V Hopital) or Carrefour (Labelvie)

7) Can I get a local sim card for my phone or to use the internet?
The service providers are Maroc Telecom, Inwi, and Meditel. We found that Maroc Telekom had the best reception. If internet is not available in your apartment, you can purchase a SIM from a service provider which includes a ‘Data’ package. You can buy a dongle and put a local SIM in it but we bought a mobile hotspot from Maroc Telecom to enable us to connect all our devices in the apartment to the internet. Data is reassuringly cheap in Morocco so recharging the SIM was not an issue. This can be bought at the local phone stores, of which there are many in Meknes. The guy at the Moroc Telekom Store based in the small train station (Gare Al Amir Abdel Kadir) spoke English and so it was easy to find the right package for us. Skype does not work in Morocco. We used WhatsApp chat to talk to people at home.

8) How much will the adoption process cost?
See our Guide to Costs. This is based on UK home studies. Adjust accordingly for your country.

9) Are flights to Morocco expensive, which airports do I use?
At the time of writing this, we found that the most cost effective way to travel to Morocco was through Rynair leaving from Stansted Airport. Check other airports for Rynair flights and other airlines. During my journey, I found flights under £50, whereas other airlines were much higher. You can fly into Fez which is the nearest airport to Meknes or fly into Rabat if you need to go to the Justice Ministry to start the kafala process. You will also be collecting your baby’s UK visa from Rabat. A taxi to between Rabat and Meknes is around 800MAD each way.

10) Where can I exchange money in Morocco?
There are many exchange bureaux in Meknes and banks that will change your currency. You are sure to find them on the main roads or near train stations and hotels. You can use your UK ATM card to withdraw money from the cashpoints in Morocco or use your bank card to purchase things from big supermarkets and restaurants. Some UK banks don’t charge for using your card abroad. If this is the case with your bank then it would be efficient to use your UK bank card to withdraw cash from Moroccan cash machines. The cash machines had a transaction limit of 2,000MAD. But this is not a daily limit, so I found if I needed more money I could immediately withdraw further amounts. There was also a daily limit, for me, of 8,000 MAD.

11) How long is the adoption process? Please see our “Timescales For Adoption” Page