Apply to the Family court for an Adoption order

After your child has been in your care for six months, you can apply for a UK adoption order. The time your baby was in your custody in Morocco forms part of this six month requirement.

For this court application, you will need to update your medicals and a new medical will be required for the baby. All courts around the country will have different backlogs but generally it takes around three months to get a court date at our local family court.

The court application (A60 form) can be downloaded online and printed. You will also find A60 guidance notes online which detail how to fill this in. At this stage you will also be asked if you will be changing the baby’s name.

Your baby’s social worker will be asked to submit details of the baby’s progress. The court process is fairly simple, if the child was abandoned with no known birth family. You will not require a solicitor in this case. For relative adoptions or where a birth parent is known or where the adoption is not as straightforward, you may need a solicitor.

There are generally two court dates.

The first one, you will be asked NOT to attend. This is really for birth parents, although in our case they were not known. Your social worker may still need to attend this date.

The second court date is the one which you and your baby will attend and you can receive your baby’s adoption order along with taking some keepsake photos with the judge. This is a lovely family day and one that we will celebrate over the years.

Your baby’s UK passport can be applied for after the UK adoption order is granted. This marks the end of the adoption process but the happy family moments will continue on Insha Allah.

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