Arrange for all documents to be translated

The home study will need to be translated. Ouafae will give you names of sworn translators. You can then contact them directly to negotiate a price or use a facilitator to do this on your behalf. The translator may be happy to collect the document for translation from the Annex at no extra cost. Emails, scans, printing and phone calls should also be at no extra cost. I have listed the name and details of the translator we used on the contacts page.

The translator cannot give you a price until they have seen the documents that need translating so either email them a copy ahead or they can do it when they see the original.

The translator can start translating from a copy but they will need to see the original before completion; as the court will prefer that the translation be completed from an original.

You can only use a sworn court approved translator.

Once the Zniber Fondation receives your translated documents, it takes just over a month to get matched. Please note the wait for girl is significantly longer.

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