1) Complete you home study and obtain the Certificate of Eligibility

Complete a UK home study through your local council or a voluntary adoption agency (VAA) approved for inter-country adoption. The structure of your home study will be explained fully by your assigned social worker. Ask your Social worker to ensure that the short version of the home study is sent to Morocco. On completion of your home study you will attend a panel and hopefully be approved for inter-country adoption.

Note: Morocco allows for social sibling adoptions (two children from the same orphanage who are not siblings), but your agency will need to agree that this is suitable in your circumstances.

The DfE (Department for Education) will issue a Certificate of Eligibility and this certificate and your home study is sent to the orphanage you will be working with in Morocco*. This does not need to be notarised or legalised.

This certificate gives you permission to be matched to a baby in Morocco.

Please note that you will not see the Certificate of Eligibility, but you would receive a letter to say it has been issued. This letter will be required for your baby’s UK visa application.

For couples resident in other countries, get authorisation to adopt from a Non-Haque overseas country according to your country requirements. * Our journey is based specifically on adopting from the Rita Zniber Fondation in Meknes, Morocco, therefore the steps below reflects our experience. There are other orphanages in Morocco but the Rita Zniber Fondation appears to have the most developed working process at the time of writing.

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