Complete the BAAF medical form by visiting the baby’s paediatrician

There are two ways to do this:

a) The form can be completed before, during the kafala process or after…but because the purpose of Health Assessments is to promote children’s physical and mental health and to inform the child’s Health Action Plan, it is best to arrange it as soon as possible. The BAAF form 2009, reprinted 2013 has been translated into French and this translation is available by emailing

However, if you have a newer version of this form, you will need to get this translated so that it can be updated by the baby’s paediatrician. If it’s being done before or during kafala, the orphanage will need to arrange for the baby to attend the appointment. The French copy will need to be translated back to English and sent to your agency in the UK.

b) Alternatively, you can ask your translator to attend the doctor’s appointment with you. He will need to be trained in medical translations. The translator can complete the form with the doctor in English. The cost of this is approximately 500 MAD (Moroccan Dirhams) and the form is ready immediately.

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