The Step by Step Adoption (Kafala) Process

Please note that the compilation of the guidelines below is based on life experiences and due care must be taken during your adoption process.

The adoption process experienced by that of friends and myself is outlined below in the hope that it will provide you with some support and insight in your journey to bringing your baby home. Whilst the adoption process can be long and arduous, for us, the outcome was truly a blessing Alhamdulillah. Our journey is based specifically on adopting from the Rita Zniber Fondation in Meknes, Morocco. There are other orphanages in Morocco but the Rita Zniber Fondation appears to have the most developed working process at the time of writing.

This process may change at any time.

Below I have listed the steps taken to adopt a child from Morocco to the UK.

The guardianship process in Morocco is called Kafala as Morocco, like most Muslim countries don’t have adoption laws. You will therefore need to obtain Kafala in Morocco and return with your baby to the UK and to complete the adoption process.


1) Complete you home study & obtain the Certificate of Eligibility

2) Making contact with the Rita Zniber Fondation for matching & sending supporting documentation to the Fondation

3) Arrange for all documents to be translated

4) Receive an email with the photo, name and age of matched baby

5) Arrange a time to fly out and meet you baby and to begin Kafala


6) Obtain criminal clearance at the Ministry of Justice in Rabat

7) Meet your baby and confirm acceptance of the match

8) Complete the BAAF medical form by visiting the baby’s paediatrician

9) The Kafala Process

10) Take custody of your baby… or not; dependant on route chosen


11) Translate documents to English for the UK visa

12) The UK settlement visa and TB Certificate

13) Return home and notify your council of your intention to adopt within 14 days of arriving in the UK


14) Be available for regular visits from baby’s assigned social worker

15) Apply to the Family court for an Adoption order