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Morocco Adoptions

The journey of adoption can seem a daunting one, there are numerous stages both with the UK part of the process and then when in Morocco.

But there are many children in Orphanages that require a loving home.

We hope this website will encourage many families to take that journey towards being united with their adoptive child.

By providing the resources to understand each step of the process and the support of a community of people who have shared experiences.

What People are Saying


“Sometimes we are blessed with opportunities without knowing it…with the benefit hindsight it’s the best thing we’ve ever done. We’ve adopted twice, now we are aiming for a hat trick. By adopting we may be making a child’s dunya, we are definitely investing in our aakirah”


“After many failed infertility treatment, I’m glad we found the route to adopt. We only wished we’d choice this road earlier”